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Episode 3: Legendary filmmaker and producer, Robert Lantos

Episode 3: Legendary filmmaker and producer, Robert Lantos featured image

Mark sits down with world-renowned filmmaker and producer Robert Lantos at his Serendipity Studios in midtown Toronto for a conversation about his five decades working within the world of cinema.
Robert speaks to Mark about his award-winning film career that boasts over 40 features, including his Oscar and Golden Globe nominated collaborations with Atom Egoyan and David Cronenberg. He shares personal stories from a challenging childhood that saw him move from Hungary to Uruguay to Montreal, dealing with language barriers, and being forced to learn how to fist fight. And he recounts his wild experiences and sobering lessons finding his way into film distribution, production, and helping to create one of the most successful Canadian film and television companies to date. His latest film is “The Song of Names” and Robert speaks to his collaboration with director François Gérard, composer Howard Shore and actors Clive Owen and Tim Roth. And he certainly doesn’t mince words about his feelings towards superhero movies dominating movie theatre screens and the degradation of the cinema experience due to Netflix becoming a feature film producer.

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