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Buddies in Bad Times Theatre—Daniel McIvor’s House

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre—Daniel McIvor’s House featured image

by Paula Citron

An era comes to an end with the current production of Daniel McIvor’s House. Originally presented in 1992, the solo show is the last remount of the McIvor retrospective at Buddies. The playwright/actor is dissloving his legendary Da Da Kamera company to pursue other interests.

House is another of the brilliant collaborations between McIvor and director/dramaturge Daniel Brooks. His character Victor admits from the start that he is in a creative therapy group, but as his motor mouth stories move from the plausible, to the surreal, to the fantastical, we are appalled at what the truth of his life must really be to produce such an angry, troubled soul.

That Victor is clearly intelligent is a given, and his references and vocabulary seem to belie his white collar clerk existence. On the other hand, his self-deprecating, rapid fire one liners are so funny that our laughter becomes a sort of collective guilt.

House continues until Apr. 1.

From Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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