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Mirvish Productions/Theatre Gargantua — e-DENTITY

Mirvish Productions/Theatre Gargantua — e-DENTITY featured image

by Paula Citron

The Mirvishes should be congratulated for putting Canadian plays on their subscription series. It only works, however, if there is a match. Theatre Gargantua’s brilliant production e-DENTITY and the conservative Mirvish audience are not a fit.

The play was a huge indie hit in 2005. By merging technology, movement and text, writer/actor Michael Spence and director Jacquie P.A. Thomas capture the impact that the internet has made on people’s lives. The audience who appreciates this play will either laugh with recognition at internet foibles or be stunned by some of the darker aspects of the world wide web.

While I love this play, and its longer version is as good as the shorter one, I was still affected negatively by being surrounded by an audience who wasn’t getting it or was hating it.

Let’s hope word of mouth will bring in the people who are the true audience for this clever play.

e-DENTITY continues until May 20.

From the Royal Alexandra Theatre, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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