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Compañia Maria Serrano – FlamenTango

Compañia Maria Serrano – FlamenTango featured image

by Paula Citron

“FlamenTango” is a terrific show. The audience went crazy for Spain’s Maria Serrano and her exciting fusion of Andalusian flamenco and Argentinean tango where dance styles start to merge and partners begin to shift. In one wonderful ensemble number, the five dancers kept changing genres depending on whom they were partnering.

There were also subtle games being played. Tango dancer Milton Homann became increasingly enamoured with Serrano and performed a tango duet with her, punctuated by her solo flamenco riffs. Tango dancer Romina Godoy was the vixen whom the two flamenco men – Javier Sánches Soriano and Antonio Arrebola – found hard to resist. Even Serrano felt the lure of Godoy and the two performed a steamy duet together.

The show was not only graced by these five compelling dancers, but by fantastic musicians and singers.

Rumour has it that Compañia Maria Serrano will come this way again, and when it does, it is a run don’t walk.

From the Elgin Theatre, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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