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The Company Theatre – Daniel MacIvor’s Marion Bridge

The Company Theatre – Daniel MacIvor’s Marion Bridge featured image

by Paula Citron

“Marion Bridge” does not know what kind of a play it wants to be. While displaying the quirky characters and dysfunctional relationships that one associates with writer/director Daniel MacIvor, “Marion Bridge” swings between biting satire and sentimental comedy.

Anyone can relate to the theme of three sisters reuniting to be with their dying mother. It’s just that “Marion Bridge” is weaker in character development and dénouement than the rest of the MacIvor canon.

The story introduces us to the MacKeigan sisters. Agnes (Caroline Gillis) is a heavy-drinking failed actress. Theresa (Sarah Dodd) is a pragmatic nun from a farming community. The monosyllabic Louise (Emmy Alcorn), is the only one who never left home, and is addicted to television.

This lesser MacIvor vessel has his hallmark mordant one-liners, characters who intrigue and some droll directorial touches. Throw in engaging performances, and “Marion Bridge” is a pleasant if not completely satisfying evening out.

Marion Bridge continues until May 26.

From the Young Centre I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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