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Theatre Passe Muraille – Mike McPhaden’s Noble Parasites

Theatre Passe Muraille – Mike McPhaden’s Noble Parasites featured image

by Paula Citron

Mike McPhaden is the award-winning playwright of the giant hit Poochwater, so any new play is bound to attract interest. Noble Parasites is, in fact, a science fiction double bill, and the plays certainly contain McPhaden’s quirky imagination.

The Bookworm is the better of the two. Set in the far future, it depicts an earth where everything has become extinct. It is the ultimate nightmare of humankind’s destruction of the planet where people live with hunger and ritual. The specific event is a coming of age ceremony that is both imaginative and harrowing. Sea Change takes place in the near future and shows how politics work when winning is everything in a world where morality has disappeared.

Both plays are well-performed by Kate Hewlett, Julian Richings and Amy Rutherford and deftly directed by Rebecca Brown. Michael Gianfrancesco’s towering set is impressive. In the final analysis, though, Noble Parasites is enjoyable but theatre lite.

Noble Parasites continues until Apr. 29.

From Theatre Passe Muraille, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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