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Native Earth Performing Arts – Chëyikwe Performance/The Place Between

Native Earth Performing Arts – Chëyikwe Performance/The Place Between featured image

by Paula Citron

Native Earth Performing Arts has brought a lovely dance theatre production to town. The Place Between was created by the Vancouver-based Aboriginal collective Chëyikwe Performance which includes director Lisa C. Ravensbergen, choreographer Michelle Olson and dramaturge Yvette Nolan.

The story is told obliquely through words and movement, and the unpolished look of four actresses who dance adds to the charm of the work. Turnip casts out her sister Ash for having an affair with her man, but breaking the sisters’ spiritual bond brings calamitous consequences for her own daughter Totem, and Totem’s daughter Bone. It is Ash’s spirit who must repair the damage to the spirit world by bringing reconciliation between the three generations of women.

Everything about this production works including Jackie Chau’s gorgeous set and costumes, Hannu Huuskonen’s score, and Rebecca Picherack’s lighting.

Aura Carcueva, Maria Christina James, Falen Johnson and particularly Julie Tamiko Manning give powerful performances.

The Place Between continues until Apr. 15.

From Winchester Street Theatre, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

Photo credit: Nir Bareket
(From left to right: Aura Carcueva/Ash, Julie Tamiko-Manning/Turnip, Maria Christina James/Totem, and Falen Johnson/Bone.)

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