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Expect Theatre/Spark Collective–STATIC

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by Paula Citron

“STATIC”, the brainchild of writer/directors Laura Mullin and Chris Tolley, is an ambitious, multidisciplinary, complex site-specific production built around a series of vignettes that take place all around York Quay Centre. Each audience member is also plugged into an individual MP3 player that provides the “between” scenes as one travels to each locale.

The inspiration behind “STATIC” is fear, and the focus is on Max Saunders played by Clinton Walker, a security guard, who has a massive breakdown. Each vignette tells us about a milestone in Max’s life, or in his parents’ life that contributed to his downward spiral.

The forces behind this show are enormous, as is the depth of imagination on the part of Mullin and Tolley. Choreography, video projections, lighting, visual art, graphic design, plus both surround sound and the MP3 track – all play an important role.

What’s needed, however, is more dramatic tension and a sense of dread.

“STATIC” continues until Apr. 8.

From Harbourfront’s York Quay Centre, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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