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Theatre Archipelago – Tony Hall’s Twilight Café: (The Last Breakfast)

Theatre Archipelago – Tony Hall’s Twilight Café: (The Last Breakfast) featured image

by Paula Citron

“Twilight Café: (The Last Breakfast)” by Tony Hall is an audacious, brutal and dark play. It shapeshifts between characters and time periods with touches of surreal fancy faster than a speeding bullet.

Tobago-born Hall was clearly inspired by August Strindberg’s “The Dance of Death” and “The Father” and their vicious portraits of mutually destructive Victorian marriages. David Collins and Raven Dauda are Man and Woman who represent the embattled couple Stanley and Sarah, the two as children, their parents, their therapists, and fantasy figures from carnival and the occult.

Traditional roles clash with the new reality.Stanley is physically and emotionally abusive to Sarah due to his perceived humiliation and her empowerment. It is a cycle of violence that was also part of their own childhoods.

Aided by Michelle Ramsay’s precision lighting and director Rhoma Spencer’s clever transitions, Collins and Dauda give remarkable performances that journey through all these characters but always ring true.

Twilight Café continues until May 27.

From the Great Hall Downstairs, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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