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Zocalo Toronto – Vladimir Jon Cubrt’s Flin Flonning

Zocalo Toronto – Vladimir Jon Cubrt’s Flin Flonning featured image

by Paula Citron

Vladimir Jon Cubrt is a producer, playwright and actor. His appealing new play Flin Flonning represents a slice of life among the troubled Toronto thirtysomething set. His realistic/noir/droll dialogue indicates that Cubrt has real talent and is someone to watch.

Flin Flonning stands for loser – Flin Flon being the metaphor for dead end. Cubrt plays Thurman, an actor-cum-waiter who is the agent of his own self-destruction. His two best friends are Meredith, played by Melissa Bourne, and Pardo performed by Jeff Kassel. Meredith is a flake whose relationships with men go from worse to worse, while fellow actor, the slippery and smart Pardo, has made himself into a success story. Jessica Embro and Collette Micks play several characters who pass through Thurman’s life.

Director Aviva Armour-Ostroff has directed with verve, although she allows Bourne to garble her lines. Nonetheless, this modest little play has a lot going for it including well-drawn characters.

Flin Flonning continues until Jun. 17.

From the Diesel Playhouse Cabaret, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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