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Luminato Festival – Urban Theatre Projects’ Back Home

Luminato Festival – Urban Theatre Projects’ Back Home featured image

by Paula Citron

Urban Theatre Projects is an Australian company that creates site-specific works. As part of Luminato, the group is putting on the play Back Home in a secret location. The action is set in the backyard where four male friends have gathered for a reunion. They are all marginalized men. Three are either Aboriginals or Pacific Islanders, while the last is a Palestinian immigrant. It is very intense theatre.

Director Alicia Talbot goes into communities, in this case, the lower working class Sydney suburb of Bankstown. Consultants from the community are brought in weekly to gauge how the play is developing out of improvisations, so Back Home is anchored squarely where it is set.

What starts off as a friendly barbeque goes very wrong as the simmering frustrations and disappointments of these men take over their friendship. Their abusive backgrounds, their poor relations with women, their lack of careers are a breeding ground for violence.

Back Home continues in a secret location until Sun.

From the Luminato Festival, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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