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Luminato Festival – John McGreevy’s An Evening with Glenn Gould

Luminato Festival – John McGreevy’s An Evening with Glenn Gould featured image

by Paula Citron

To celebrate the late Glenn Gould’s 75th birthday, Luminato presented a new play written and directed by the revered pianist’s good friend, documentary filmmaker John McGreevey. This was coupled with McGreevey’s droll 1976 film, Glen Gould in Toronto.

The play An Evening with Glenn Gould, a mix of live action, still photographs and film, represented Gould’s last night. While I enjoyed the play, particularly Gould’s wit and wisdom, I was disappointed somehow because I found out nothing new, while the film and still components seemed lacklustre.

Nonetheless actor/director Ted Dykstra approximated an uncanny resemblance to both Gould’s distinctive manner of speech and physicality. He also played the piano extremely well. One clever part had Dykstra as the stage Gould interviewing the film Gould about Gould.

The documentary, however, was delightful, as the notoriously reclusive Gould visited places in Toronto, most of which he had never seen. The dialogue was clever, even though much has changed in the city since the mid-70s.

An Evening with Glenn Gould continues at the Young Centre until Sun.

I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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