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Luminato Festival – 4D art’s Norman and Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood

Luminato Festival – 4D art’s Norman and Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood featured image

by Paula Citron

The abstract animated films of Canadian Norman McLaren are classics. The show Norman (a tribute to Norman McLaren) represents everything one would expect in a world-class international arts festival. It is ingenious, unique and wondrous in its masterful fusion of live action and film.

The Montreal team of Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon created this ambitious production. The only live person is dancer/choreographer Peter Trosztmer who is cunningly interwoven into McLaren’s imaginative images. It is breath-taking mixed media.

Actor Kenneth Welsh’s one-man show of Dylan Thomas’ radio play Under Milk Wood is a theatrical tour-de-force. The 50 eccentric folk of the seaside town of Llareggub are alive and well with all their peculiar charms intact.

Welsh and director Ted Dykstra treat the text with sweet mocking humour. Thomas rejoices in his characters and so does Welsh. His triumph is that every villager stands unique and distinct. The inclusion of live music and live sound effects just gilds the lily.

From the Luminato Festival, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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