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Buddies in Bad Times – ArtHouse Cabaret

by Paula Citron

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre has an unusual season this year. In a daring experiment, they are moving into alternative theatre forms, and the first up is ArtHouse Cabaret, a “queer” vaudeville show. It also happens to be terrific.

The creators are Buddies’ producer Jim Lefrancois and artistic director David Oiye, and they have brought together outstanding talent. The show is a fascinating survey of the 20th century, with a concentration on gay history and occasional side trips into women’s liberation. The show moves from the screamingly hilarious to the desperately poignant on a fabulous set of three pop-out stages designed by Daniele Guevara.

Stand-outs include pianist/singer Jonathan Munro and the innovative from Montreal. The latter is performer Steven Lawson and videographer Aaron Pollard who create utterly imaginative art and music installations.

This show is truly, truly brilliant, and will appeal to anyone who relishes intelligent and entertaining theatre.

ArtHouse Cabaret continues until Oct. 20.

From Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for The New CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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