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Second City – Facebook of Revelations

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by Paula Citron

The new Second City revue is a tonic for a hot summer night. Facebook of Revelations is a hoot, and nothing is sacred.

This show features sketch comedy on such topics as “Safe Bet: The Musical”, environmental overkill, a hilarious spoof on Rogers Cable TV, a Facebook religious show, the morning after pill, and everyone we all know – a childless couple overly attached to their dog. My personal favourites are the two tasteless rip-offs of “Just for Laughs” gags.

The cast is very, very strong. In fact, the performers really demonstrate how good comics also have to be good actors. So kudos to Marty Adams, Jim Annan, Lauren Ash, Darryl Hinds, Scott Montgomery and Karen Parker.

Director Bruce Pirrie has ensured a fast paced show and music director Matthew Reid is a whiz at sound effects. Camellia Koo’s set of many doors and platforms works very well.

Facebook of Revelations continues for an indefinite run. It is well worth a visit.

From Second City, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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