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Vijai Nathan – Good Girls Don’t, Indian Girls Do!

Vijai Nathan – Good Girls Don’t, Indian Girls Do! featured image

by Paula Citron

Vijai Nathan is stand-up comic. She is also a woman of South Asian heritage which makes her unique, given the restrictions on women in her cultural background.

Alone of her family, she was born in the United States and her one-woman show, Good Girls Don’t, Indian Girls Do!, is a very funny and very moving account of her cross-cultural divide.

The major part of her story is true – the doomed engagement with her Jewish fiance – or as she describes it – the Hin-Jew wedding that didn’t happen. Nathan may be South Asian, but anyone of any ethnic background is going to relate to the clash between old world parents who have a new world daughter.

As a performer, she is charming and very quick on the up-take, although I missed some of the monologue because of her fast delivery and I wanted to savour every word. I really recommend this show.

Good Girls Don’t, Indian Girls Do! continues until Sunday.

From the Enwave Theatre, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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