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Vancouver/Dancing on the Edge Festival 2007 – Chengxin's Lumina II

Vancouver/Dancing on the Edge Festival 2007 – Chengxin's Lumina II featured image

by Paula Citron

This week I’m at Vancouver’s Dancing of the Edge Festival.

Chengxin is another of Vancouver’s beautiful Asian male dancers, classically trained in his native China and contemporary oriented in his new homeland. He’s a former member of Ballet British Columbia who brings strong ballet technique into his compelling and thoughtful work.

His Lumina II is gorgeous as he plays his body against shafts of light. Each movement is a piece of sculptural beauty, whether it is just his elbow emerging out of the darkness or his whole tortured body imprisoned in the spotlight. There is not one image that jars in this masterfully constructed work.

The dance seems to be an intriguing contest between the dancer and the light, with the struggle moving back and forth between the two in slow and careful measure. Barry Truax has both designed the fetching lighting and composed the evocative score with help from Chopin.

Chengxin is definitely one to watch.

From Vancouver’s Firehall Arts Centre, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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