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Michelle Silagy – Necessary Velocity

Michelle Silagy – Necessary Velocity featured image

by Paula Citron

Michelle Silagy is a senior independent choreographer. Unfortunately, her newest work – Necessary Velocity – is not up to the mark because it sails into the terrain of precious that borders on pretentious.

Silagy’s theme is using the body to express, and I quote “who we are and can be for one another”. In other words, she is trying to capture the experience of life which is a lofty enterprise indeed. She does have three top line interpreters in Megan Andrews, Andrea Nann and William Yong who negotiate through some attractive dance passages to a wonderful score by Brian Barlow – Andrews as a solo, and the others as a duet.

Silagy’s problem, however, is three-fold – the text the dancers speak that seems fatuous, a disjointed structure that lacks a concrete throughline, and, at times, a murky choreographic impact.

I’m finding text gerrymandered into dance more tedious as time goes by and in this work it is particularly distracting.

From Winchester Street Theatre, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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