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Shaw Festival 2007 – Panych/Feydeau Hotel Peccadillo

Shaw Festival 2007 – Panych/Feydeau Hotel Peccadillo featured image

by Paula Citron

Writer/director Morris Panych’s latest work is an adaptation for the Shaw Festival of a Feydeau classic from 1894 which he calls Hotel Peccadillo. Like all farces, there is good news and bad news, although, overall, the play sits on the positive side.

Ken MacDonald’s set, one of the most clever in the Shaw’s history, is a series of doors of diminishing size, so the last one down the line is a small as a doll’s house. Nancy Bryant has costumed the play in bits of fifties and sixties which adds to the innocent quality. The first act does get tedious with all the doors slamming, but the second act is stronger because things settle down and we can concentrate of Panych’s clever dialogue.

The splendid cast is led by Patrick Galligan who is beyond frenetic as a lustful psychiatrist, while Benedict Campbell is a hoot as his repressed cultural critic patient.

Hotel Peccadillo continues until Oct. 7.

From the Shaw Festival Theatre, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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