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Stratford Festival 2007 – Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors

by Paula Citron

Richard Monette’s production of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors is so low brow that it scrapes the floor – but I laughed out loud, and so did the audience. If you leave your Shakespeare purism behind you and give in to vaudeville slap stick up the whazoo – you will have a rollicking good time.

My take on the production is this. Monette is in his final year and he really wanted to direct one show that was a poke at the critics. In fact, there is one sight gag aimed squarely at the critics. The sign even tells us so. I think it is Monette being outrageous because the devil made him do it, and I’m giving him his due.

I enjoyed the theatrical slumming and the cast seemed to as well. The production itself is also stunning courtesy Michael Gianfrancesco’s set and Dana Osborne’s costumes placed colourfully in ancient Rome.

The Comedy of Errors continues until Oct. 26.

From Stratford’s Avon Theatre, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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