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Summerworks 2007 – Overview

Summerworks 2007 – Overview featured image

by Paula Citron

Summerworks joins the Fringe Festival as the other big theatre event in Toronto. Because Summerworks is curated, one expects the over 40 plays to have merit.

To get the flavour of this year’s Summerworks, I spent last night at the Tarragon Extra Space where I caught four worthy plays – all of them completely different.

My favourite is the double bill of the hilarious Mexico City and the moving Yogyakarta whose theme is Canadians travelling abroad. The first features a testy couple on a second honeymoon, while the latter concerns a naive Canadian activist who gets involved in Indonesian politics.

Tijuana Cure is a stage adaptation of actor/director Layne Coleman’s poignant essay about taking his dying wife, author Carole Corbeil, to Mexico find a miracle cure for her cancer. Nelly Boy focuses on a troubled teenager with gender issues, while What they Don’t Know is an intriguing dual of words between a refugee and an immigration official.

Summerworks continues until Sunday at the Tarragon and Factory Theatres.

From the Tarragon Extra Space, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM

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