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The Gents – Old Enough to Know Better (Preview)

The Gents – Old Enough to Know Better (Preview) featured image

by Paula Citron

Comedy buffs might want to catch The Gents at their 11 pm show at Second City. The group is previewing material for their concert called Old Enough to Know Better.

The Gents is not just any group. They are comedy royalty. All are distinguished alumni of Second City. Three have a Red Green Show connection. Bob Bainborough played Dalton Humphrey, while Patrick McKenna was nephew Harold. Bruce Pirrie was a senior writer for the show and directed the current Second City’s Facebook of Revelations. As for Doug Morency and Matt Baram, along with their three cohorts, they have wracked up enough comedy, TV, movie and theatre credits to sink the Titanic.

The Gents’ comedy is very sophisticated. Particularly hilarious is straight men agonizing over what marks people as gay, like eating cilantro, and a skit where they coach a transgender former woman on male bathroom etiquette.

The next preview of Old Enough to Know Better is Aug. 17 at 11 pm.

From Second City, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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