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Dark Horse Theatre – Thelon Oeming’s Lullaby

by Paula Citron

Thelon Oeming’s new play Lullaby takes place in a Parkdale house that a yuppie couple is renovating. In keeping with this spirit, designer Tamara Marie Kucheran’s set is in the back part of a Queen St. W. store in the heart of Parkdale. The footfalls overhead and traffic sounds just outside make for an interesting audience experience.

The play is not perfect, particularly its speeded up dénouement and ending, but Oeming has a talent for realistic character and dialogue. David Ferry is the tenant from hell while Dusan Dukic and Amy Rutherford are the owners who have their own demons. The tension is spurred on by Jennifer H. Capraru’s taught, realistic direction.

One really doesn’t know what’s going to happen which is what good theatre is all about. What we think of these people at the beginning, is not necessarily how we see them at the end.

Lullaby continues until Nov. 18.

From Simone Interiors on Queen St. W., I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for The New CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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