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National Ballet of Canada – Tribute to Jerome Robbins

by Paula Citron

The National Ballet of Canada’s Tribute to Jerome Robbins marks the 10th anniversary of the American choreographer’s death with three celebrated works. Robbins’ crowning glory was his versatility. Each ballet is so radically different that only a few subtle signature moves hint that they are by the same choreographer.

If the program had ended after Glass Pieces and In the Night, the evening would have been near perfect. With West Side Story Suite, the concert moved from the ravishing to the divine.

The crowd had come to see West Side Story Suite and they weren’t disappointed. The company pulled off Robbins’ vigorous, muscular Broadway style with the restless energy of the street kids they were supposed to be. Having the Oliver Smith set and Irene Sharaff costumes from the original 1957 production just gilded the lily.

This is a not to miss concert.

The National’s Tribute to Jerome Robbins continues until Nov. 18.

From the Four Seasons Centre, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for THE NEW CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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