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Diesel Playhouse – Jewtopia

by Paula Citron

Jewtopia is awash in Jewish/Gentile stereotypes, but first let me say that I had some good belly laughs, that I think the writing is clever (though the foul-mouthed grandfather was a little hard to take), and there are sensational performances from the two leads, Matt Baram and David Kerr.

Written by two Los Angeles Jews, Bryan Fogel and Sam Wolfson, the Jewtopia in question is the internet website J.Date where men can find 500,000 Jewish girls from all over the world. Adam Lipschitz has to marry a Jewish because he’s Jewish. His friend Chris O’Connell is a gentile who wants to marry a Jewish girl so he’ll never have to make another decision in his life.

The best kind of satire works because of the recognition factor. For some people, satire becomes offensive when it hits too close to home. Gauge your tolerance level carefully before deciding to see this play.

Jewtopia continues until Nov. 4.

From the Diesel Playhouse, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for THE NEW CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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