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Ambitious Enterprises – The Wrecking Ball IV

by Paula Citron

Kate Franklin and Tina Fushell are co-artistic directors of the dance series The Wrecking Ball. Since 2002, it has become an important showcase for emerging choreographers who enjoy multidisciplinary collaboration.

The fourth Wrecking Ball was very strong. Franklin and Fushell contributed pieces as did Piotr R. Beirnat, Lucy Rupert, Matthew Waldie, and duos Sabrina Pringle and Holly Treddenick, and Lindsey Gillard and Allison Peacock. The program included aerial dance and performance art as well as contemporary dance. Subject matter ranged from Greek myths to automatons, feminism to dreams, fate to friendship. There was humour and despair in equal measure.

Perhaps the thing that struck me most is how emblematic the Wrecking Ball is of Toronto dance in general. The works are polished and urbane, tending towards the intellectual rather than the visceral. The dancing is always expressive and strong.

Franklin and Fushell have good taste as curators, and mount shows that engage an audience through diversity.

From the Theatre Centre, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for The New CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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