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Dancemakers – Michael Trent’s Things In Between

Dancemakers – Michael Trent’s Things In Between featured image

by Paula Citron

Choreographer Michael Trent has transformed his remount of his 2004 work things in between into something greater.

Trent’s original concept for the piece, which still holds true, is an exploration of theatrical private and public spaces – in other words, how the lines blur between audience and performer.
He has retained his rollable screens from the original production. The audience is split in two, with the dancers in the middle. The latter manipulate the screens. By rolling them down, they create barriers which cut both sides of the audience off from the centre.

In the intimate Dancemakers studio, the dancers are up close and personal which creates a huge impact on how the audience is drawn in, or cut off, depending on the movement of the screens.
Videographer Jeremy Mimnagh’s projections are part of the intrigue.

The piece is an absorbing microcosm of human relationships, both personal and artistic.

time in between continues until Nov. 25.

From Dancemakers Centre for Creation, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for THE NEW CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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