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National Ballet of Canada 2007 – James Kudelka’s “The Nutcracker”

National Ballet of Canada 2007 – James Kudelka’s “The Nutcracker” featured image

by Paula Citron.

I caught up with the National Ballet’s “The Nutcracker” on the day James Kudelka’s masterpiece was simulcast to Cineplex. My spies tell me the dancing looked great but the magnificence of Santo Loquasto’s set failed to transfer completely to the screen. I’m a live experience person. The simulcast is a wonderful idea to bring ballet to new audiences, but my philosophy is – where possible, attend live theatre.

As always, one has to be sharp to look for new things. It seems that the servants have more showy dancing in the first act, and when did Uncle Nikolai start performing with the waiters in the second?

The lead cast was excellent with Guillaume Côté as Peter and Heather Ogden as the Sugar Plum Fairy. Xiao Nan Yu, Etienne Lavigne and Nehemiah Kish made for a stunning snow scene, while Piotr Stanczyk was a spinning top as Nikolai and Jillian Vanstone’s non-stop Bee was superb.

The Nutcracker continues until Sunday.

From the Four Seasons Centre, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for The New CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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