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Factory Theatre – George F. Walker’s Beyond Mozambique

Factory Theatre – George F. Walker’s Beyond Mozambique featured image

by Paula Citron.
Beyond Mozambique
Factory Theatre
Written by George F. Walker
Directed by Ken Gass
Starring Oliver Becker, Dmitry Chepovetsky, Joe Cobden, Tara Nicodemo, Sarah Orenstein and Richard Zeppieri
At Factory Theatre until May 4.

In 1974, George F. Walker’s Beyond Mozambique intrigued audiences with signature ironic one-liners and madcap characters. The more discerning saw a play set in Africa without one black person on stage. In 2008, Walker’s play is perhaps even more relevant.

If one views as colonialism the fact that six white characters have come to Africa for their own reasons, it follows that they will reap what they sow. In the play, a revolution by subversives is about to break out which mirrors the West’s fractured relationship with non-Eurocentric cultures. Walker’s play is both very funny and very scary at the same time.

Oliver Becker is a former Nazi doctor, Dmitry Chepovetsky is Greek gigolo, Joe Cobden is a drug-ridden priest, Tara Nicodemo is a porn star, Richard Zeppieri is a shady former Mountie, while Sarah Orenstein believes she’s a Chekhov character. Director Ken Gass and his actors have nailed Walker beautifully.

Beyond Mozambique continues at Factory Theatre until May 4.

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