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Dancemakers – Double Bill #1 (Ame Henderson and Michael Trent)

Dancemakers – Double Bill #1 (Ame Henderson and Michael Trent) featured image

by Paula Citron.
Double Bill #1
It Was a Nice Party choreographed by Ame Henderson
And The Rest choreographed by Michael Trent
Performed by Clinton Draper, Kate Hilliard, Kate Holden, Benjamin Kamino and Steeve Paquet
Premiere Dance Theatre until Apr. 12

Double Bill #1 is the brainchild of Dancemakers’ artistic director Michael Trent. The idea is to invite a choreographer he admires to share the evening with him (in this case Ame Henderson). While their pieces are developed independently, they share the same set (designed by Trevor Schwellnus) and the same musicians (The Reveries). The verdict is in, and Double Bill #1 has produced a bold and refreshing, deconstructionist and post-modernist, evening of contemporary dance.

Henderson’s It Was a Nice Party mimics musicians who cover original songs. Her devilishly clever piece has the dancers cover the wild party scene from Federico Fellini’s 1960 ground-breaking film La Dolce Vita.

In Trent’s And The Rest, he explores the concept of tyranny. While he still needs an editor, the piece is an intriguing look at the shifting roles of leader, follower and the marginalized.

It’s a quirky program that works.

Double Bill #1 continues at Premiere Dance Theatre until Saturday.

Photo Credit: David Hou
(Kate Hilliard, Kate Holden, Clinton Draper and Benjamin Kamino in Ame Henderson’s It Was A Nice Party.)

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