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Shaw Festival 2008 – Shaw’s Getting Married

Shaw Festival 2008 – Shaw’s Getting Married featured image

by Paula Citron.
Getting Married
Shaw Festival
Written by George Bernard Shaw
Directed by Joseph Ziegler
Starring Peter Krantz, Fiona Byrne, Laurie paton, Martin Happer and David Schurmann
At the Royal George Theatre until Nov. 1

Shaw’s Getting Married is exhilarating theatre. Director Joseph Ziegler has fashioned a near perfect fusion of ideas and wit, aided and abetted by an outstanding cast.

In Getting Married, Shaw bombards the audience with a provocative take on the grand institution from every possible angle. The plot, such as it is, centres around a young couple who have second thoughts just before the wedding. This gives their family and friends a chance to engage in clever dialogue about marriage, divorce and adultery which is delivered in snappy fashion. The baronial Norman kitchen set by Sue LePage is imposing, while her Edwardian costumes are simply gorgeous.

Ziegler and his classically trained actors understand that language is everything with Shaw. While making sure we get every word, the cast also presents strong character portrayals which are true to their various viewpoints.

This is a run don’t walk production from Shaw the provocateur.

Getting Married continues at the Royal George Theatre until Nov. 1.

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