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Shaw Festival 2008 – Molnar/Brebner’s The President

Shaw Festival 2008 – Molnar/Brebner’s The President featured image

Paula Citron
The President
Shaw Festival 2008
Written by Ferenc Molnar and adapted by Morwyn Brebner
Directed by Blair Williams
Starring Lorne Kennedy, Chilina Kennedy and Jeff Meadows
At the Royal George Theatre until Oct. 4

The Shaw Festival’s lunch hour production The President is a mad cap, dizzying whirl where the president of a large corporation has barely an hour to transform a socialist taxi driver into a high flying business magnate. Unfortunately, an upper class young lady who was the president’s house guest has secretly married beneath her and is pregnant. The play is built around actor Lorne Kennedy’s remarkable torrent of words as the president barks out a string of commands to make the son-in-law presentable.

Morwyn Brebner wrote the clever adaptation based on Ferenc Molnar’s 1929 original, and it is a laugh a second. Kennedy does the impossible in getting out his rapid-fire dialogue, and director Blair Williams has ensured pacing at break-neck speed. Chilina Kennedy as a Marilyn Monroe clone bride and Jeff Meadows as the taxi driver head an excellent cast.

The play is hilarious and a don’t miss.

The President continues at the Royal George Theatre until Oct. 4.

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