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Summerworks 2008 – Sheldon Currie’s Lauchie Liza and Rory

Summerworks 2008 – Sheldon Currie’s Lauchie Liza and Rory featured image

Paula Citron
Lauchie Liza and Rory
Written by Sheldon Currie
Directed by Mary-Colin Chisholm
Starring Natasha MacLellan and Christian Murray
Factory Theatre Studio until Aug. 17

The play Lauchie Liza and Rory was adapted by Nova Scotia writer Sheldon Currie from his own short story. The plot details the tangled relationship between identical twin brothers – the wild Rory and the nerdy Lauchie – Lauchie’s wife Liza and son young Rory, and the twins’ spinster sister and tart-tongued mother.

While the characters are certainly interesting, what marks this East Coast production is Mary-Colin Chisholm’s imaginative direction. All the parts are played by actors Natasha MacLellan and Christian Murray, but with a twist that is hard to describe. For example, Lizzie is manifested by the actors putting their faces in a portrait on a rolling stand. Rory’s vulgar girlfriend is portrayed by the holding of a jacket. The use of props as people is as unpredictable as it is delightful.

Murray is a wonderful actor, but MacLellan is not quite in his league. Nonetheless, this engaging play deserves a visit.

The 42 juried plays of Summerworks continue until Aug. 17.

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