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Caroline Niklas-Gordon – 1,2,3

Paula Citron
Caroline Niklas-Gordon
Choreographed by Gordon, Lucy Rupert and Julia Aplin
Films by Britt Randle
Performed by Gordon and Rupert
Pia Bouman Studio Theatre until Aug. 24

Caroline Niklas-Gordon calls her dance show 1,2,3 for the one duet, two solos and three films on the program. It is an indie production of high quality. The works are graced by expressive dancers and intelligent choreography.

Gordon created the very poignant Echo for Lucy Rupert, an homage to the ducks perishing in the Alberta Tar Sands. Rupert’s provocative duet Untisch for her and Gordon is cleverly inspired both by the lack of light in northern climes and the terrors of self-reflection. Julia Aplin has given Gordon a droll solo in One Hundred, that begins as a list and ends up as a life in crisis.

Two of the films featuring Gordon are by the very imaginative director Britt Randle who works intriguingly in the F.W. Murnau horror idiom of the 1920s. The other film is a very grainy studio improv with Rupert and Kyle Abraham that definitely needs more light.

1,2,3 continues at the Pia Bouman Studio Theatre until Sunday.

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