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Across Oceans – Maxine Heppner’s Moments in Time

Across Oceans – Maxine Heppner’s Moments in Time featured image

Paula Citron

Moments in Time
Across Oceans
Choreographed by Maxine Heppner
Performed by Takako Segawa
Pia Bouman Studio Theatre

Choreographer Maxine Heppner and dancer Takako Segawa presented their thoughtful piece Moments in Time at the Pia Bouman Studio Theatre over the weekend. Two veteran dance artists collaborating together can produce very satisfying work.

The episodic piece is made up of 13 solos, each intriguingly named after a person and a state of mind. For example, the beginning solo is Jess’s serenity followed by Susi’s inspiration and Tina’s compassion. The work can be viewed either as specific snap shots from various lives, or collectively, as the totality of a single life with its shifting emotional moods.

Heppner is an accomplished choreographer and Segawa is a compelling performer. Segawa’s subtle facial expressions played an important role in the piece. With just the hint of a smile, or a wider opening of the eyes, she could convey an intriguing shift in Heppner’s dance monologue.

Together, Heppner and Sagawa created a well-thought out dance piece that exposes the very heart of the human condition.

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