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Theatre Smash – Igor Bauersima’s Norway.Today

Theatre Smash – Igor Bauersima’s Norway.Today featured image

Paula Citron
Theatre Smash
Written by Igor Bauersima
Directed by Sarah Baumann
Starring Ieva Lucs and Stephen McCarthy
At Tarragon Theatre Extra Space until Sept. 21

Theatre Smash is a new company run by enterprising producer Ashlie Corcoran and director Sarah Baumann. Their emphasis is on contemporary theatre with an edge.

The Canadian premiere of Norway.Today by Germany-based playwright Igor Bauersima catches our attention right from the start. The young twentysomething Julie, played by Ieva Lucs, announces to her chat room that she is looking for someone to commit suicide with her. The 19-year-old August, played by Stephen McCarthy, responds, and two journey to a mountainous Norwegian fjord, the plan being, to jump off into the abyss.

First, let me say that Theatre Smash puts on a classy production with very clever sets, lighting and soundscape, and more to the point, inventive directing by Baumann. The acting is very strong although McCarthy tends to mumbles.

One certainly comes away with mixed feelings about Bauersima’ troubling portrait of the internet generation. This disturbing play certainly deserves an audience.

Norway.Today continues at Tarragon Theatre Extra Space until Sept. 21.

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