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Toronto Dance Theatre – Christopher House’s Dis/(sol/ve)r

Toronto Dance Theatre – Christopher House’s Dis/(sol/ve)r featured image

reviewed by Paula Citron

Toronto Dance Theatre
Choreographed by Christopher House
Performed by Alana Elmer, Luke Garwood, Yuichiro Inoue, Kaitlin Standeven, Brodie Stevenson, Matt Waldie, Kamen Wang, Sarah Wasik and Linnea Wong
Fleck Dance Theatre until Nov. 22

Never underestimate choreographer Christopher House. The artistic director’s new work Dis/(sol/ve)r for Toronto Dance Theatre might appear as a superficial look at shifting romantic relationships, but the intricate internal structure is tightly bound to theories governing quantum mechanics.

House has been inspired by particle theory, and judging from Dis/(sol/ve)r, his particular fascination is the laws of attraction. We see the nine dancers coming together and moving apart in striking, but carefully orchestrated encounters. That is the given.

When viewed on both the external and internal levels, Dis/(sol/ve)r is, yet again, another complex, multi-layered House piece created by a master dancemaker. Whether subliminally or consciously, we are also aware of the various interweaving threads within the inner workings of the dance itself, including choreographic repetitions.

Dis/(sol/ve)r is satisfying, intelligent dance performed by superb acting dancers. House raises troubling questions about human behaviour to which there are no easy answers.

Dis/(sol/ve)r continues at the Fleck Dance Theatre until Saturday, Nov. 22.

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