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Harbourfront World Stage – Crystal Pite’s Lost Action

Harbourfront World Stage – Crystal Pite’s Lost Action featured image

reviewed by Paula Citron

Lost Action
Kidd Pivot
Harbourfront Worldstage
Choreographed by Crystal Pite
Performed by Eric Beauchesne, Malcolm Low, Yannick Matton, Jermaine Spivey, Marthe Krummenacher, Francine Liboiron and Pite
Fleck Dance Theatre until Nov. 29

Vancouver-based Crystal Pite, artistic director of Kidd Pivot, is an extraordinary choreographer. Visually, she creates compelling movement. Emotionally, her images convey any manner of stories to the audience. Intellectually, she provokes the mind with themes of universal importance.

In Lost Action, Pite addresses loss on a greater philosophical scale. Her seven remarkable dancers (including herself) execute movement that is rapid-fire and ever-shifting, smooth and athletic. Pite’s distinctive choreography is the wellspring for the myriad of images that charge through the mind. History is doomed to repeat itself, and in Pite’s case, her judicious use of returning patterns reinforce her gloomy zeitgeist of the world.

In Lost Action, Pite has created a work that can be viewed almost as two separate manifestations. On one hand, there is enormous pleasure in watching how she presents the body in space. On the other, the powerful stage pictures she creates engage the soul.

Lost Action continues at the Fleck Dance Theatre until Saturday.

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