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Young Centre – Denise Clarke’s Radio Play

Young Centre – Denise Clarke’s Radio Play featured image

reviewed by Paula Citron

Radio PlayRadio Play has finally arrived in Toronto after its success at the Canada Dance Festival last June. It is just as whimsical and witty as I remember it.

The great Denise Clarke, a visionary of dancetheatre, set the work originally on Peggy Baker and Larry Hahn. With Hahn injured, actor Michael Healey has stepped in and he is completely charming. Baker is simply captivating.

Baker plays the part of an ageing modern dancer who once had Twyla Tharp and Merce Cunningham on her speed dial. She is now 50, and with her dance career over, she has to get a real job. Healey plays the HR interviewer. The title Radio Play comes from Baker’s thought that her sorry life is something disassociated from her, like something she is listening to.

The appeal of Radio Play is how Clarke builds a case for the magic of dance, as the interviewer becomes enthralled with the dancer.

Radio Play continues at the Young Centre until Nov. 29.

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