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Mirvish Productions – Euripides’ Medea

Mirvish Productions – Euripides’ Medea featured image

reviewed by Paula Citron

Mirvish Productions
Adapted by Robinson Jeffers from Euripides
Directed by Miles Potter
Starring Seanna McKenna, Scott Wentworth, Patricia Connolly and Nigel Bennett
At the Canon Theatre until Feb. 8

There is good news and not so good news about the Mirvish production of Medea. First let it be said that Seanna McKenna does a brilliant job in conveying the character’s emotional rollercoaster. There is nothing restrained about her Medea who is all passion, yet at the same time, can drip words of honeyed irony. Her performance is a triumph.

Peter Hartwell’s set and costumes gorgeously evoke ancient times, and lighting designer Kevin Fraser and composer Michael Becker have, between them, created a thrilling sound and light show.

Where the production falters is in the secondary characters, particularly the chorus of women, all of whom are well-known actors. Director Miles Potter, by letting McKenna have free reign, has created an imbalance between Medea and the others on stage.

That being said, to miss McKenna’s magnificent portrayal would be a tragedy. It’s just too bad that everything around her is flat.

Medea continues at the Canon Theatre until Feb. 8.

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