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Harbourfront World Stage – Rebecca Northan’s Blind Date

Harbourfront World Stage – Rebecca Northan’s Blind Date featured image

reviewed by Paula Citron


Blind Date
Harbourfront World Stage
Improvised by and starring Rebecca Northan (plus an audience volunteer)
At the Brigantine Room until Mar. 7

If you want a laugh-out-loud evening of theatre, catch a show called Blind Date at Harbourfront. Improviser Rebecca Northan plays a French girl called Mimi and we watch her with a man chosen from the audience enacting out a first meeting. Anything can happen, and it does.

On opening night, Northan plucked a good sport army corporal called Felix. There is a “time out” spot where Northan can take her co-star for coaching, or it can also be a place where the man retreats to if things get beyond him. As well, if he has a lady friend, she can call “time out” to help him. Felix’s girlfriend Sonia let him stew in things which made it even funnier.

Northan’s skill in orchestrating the show is helped by Jamie Northan and Kristian Reimer who improvise sets, and Sean Bowie who improvises sound.

I can’t recall the last time I laughed so hard.

Blind Date continues at Harbourfront’s Brigantine Room until Mar. 7.

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