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Tom Brouillette – Dances for the Meanwhile

The Arts2009-3-20By: Classical Staff

reviewed by Paula Citron

Dances for the Meanwhile
Choreographed by Tom Brouillette, Claudia Moore and Kathleen Rea
Performed by Jennifer lynn Dick, Diana Groenendijk, Karen Kaeja, Lee Walder and Brouillette
Dancemakers Centre for Creation until Mar. 15

Senior choreographers bring rich life experience to dance. Tom Brouillette’s Dances for the Meanwhile links two of his own pieces with works by veteran dancesmiths Claudia Moore and Kathleen Rea in a poignant show built around a wooden fence. The fence evokes both a rural setting and the idea of the “étranger” or outsider.

Brouillette’s Campfire Tales presents stylized images of rural life. We see everything from weather to romance, jobs of work to ghosts of the past set to an atmospheric score by Rick Hyslop. Brouillette’s wooden fence becomes a 6th character.

His haunting solo Father Death Blues uses Allen Ginsberg famous poem and Bach’s music as a homage to lives lived and lost. The pieces by Moore and Rea are both quirky and whimsical by turn.

This is a dance show that is very respectful of the art form, and that is its most satisfying attribute.

Dances for the Meanwhile continues at Dancemakers Centre for Creation until Mar. 15.


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