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One Little Goat Theatre Company – Jon Fosse’s Someone Is Going To Come

The Arts2009-3-20By: Classical Staff

reviewed by Paula Citron

Someone Is Going To Come
One Little Goat Theatre
Written by Jon Fosse
Directed by Adam Seelig
Starring Stacie Steadman, Dwight McFee and Michael Blake
At the Walmer Centre Theatre until Mar. 29.

People are either going to love or hate Jon Fosse’s Someone Is Going To Come. I don’t see how there can be any middle ground.

Fosse is a Norwegian writer of note whose short, clipped, repetitive dialogue is in the style of Pinter, Beckett and early Mamet. His school is Theatre of Menace which is writ large by director Adam Seelig.

In this play, a couple known as She and He, performed by Stacie Steadman and Dwight McFee, buy an isolated house by the sea. They are escaping from an unknown trauma. Into their lives comes The Man, played by Michael Blake, who sold them the house. The play revolves around the paranoia that moves back and forth between He and She caused by the presence of The Man.

I found the shifts intriguing, and kudos to Seelig for bringing us intelligent writers virtually unknown in North America.

Someone Is Going To Come continues at the Walmer Centre Theatre until Mar. 29.


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