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Canadian Stage Company/Dream in High Park – Shakespeare’s The Tempest

Canadian Stage Company/Dream in High Park – Shakespeare’s The Tempest featured image

reviewed by Paula Citron

The Tempest
Canadian Stage Company
Dream in High Park
Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Sue Miner
Starring Karen Robinson, Audrey Dwyer, Ron Kennell, Taylor Trowbridge and Patrick Kwok-Choon
At the High Park Amphitheatre until Sept. 6


CanStage’s Dream in High Park is Shakespeare’s The Tempest. As always, purists would be dismayed by the colloquial use of the Shakespearean language, but the good news is, the company runs the play without an intermission which gives a totality to the structure.

Sue Miner is this year’s director and her emphasis is on both the magic and the comedy. Her twist is converting gender. Prospero, Ariel, Antonio and Gonzalo are all played by women, and Miner has added a lusty romance between the now called Antonia and Sebastian.

Karen Robinson is a blustery Prospera, perhaps almost too much so. Audrey Dwyer is a very physical and delightful Ariel. Those coping best with the language are Patrick Kwok-Choon as Ferdinand, Liz Gordon as Gonzala and Tracey Ferencz as Antonia.
Ron Kennell as Caliban gives a nuanced performance worthy of Stratford.

The production is not very deep, but enjoyable nonetheless.

The Tempest continues at the High Park Amphitheatre until Sept. 6.

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