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Red Tape Theatre Co-op – Stephen Belber’s Tape

Red Tape Theatre Co-op – Stephen Belber’s Tape featured image

reviewed by Paula Citron

Red Tape Theatre co-op
Written by Stephen Belber
Directed by David Tompa
Starring Benjamin Blais, Joe Dinicol and Carrie-Lynn Neales
At Lennox Contemporary Theatre until Aug. 30


American playwright Stephen Belber’s 2000 hit Tape is certainly beloved of young actors. It contains three juicy roles and lots of drama. The latest incarnation is by Red Tape Theatre which stars Benjamin Blais as Vince, Joe Dinicol as Jon, and Carrie-Lynn Neales as Amy.

Jon has come from California to show his film at the Lansing Film Festival. His old high school, drug-dealer friend Vince has also come to Lansing, The third character, Amy, a former high school girlfriend to both, is now an assistant district attorney in Lansing. A cataclysmic meeting in Vince’s motel room, ten years after graduation, will change their lives.

First time director David Tompa shows much promise, particularly in wringing out passion and using motivation for staging, but he does have to work on tensing up delivery. The three extremely talented actors nail their characters.

This young company has created an explosive production.

Tape continues at Lennox Contemporary Theatre until Aug. 30.

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