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Fence Post Productions – Nursery School Musical

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reviewed by Paula Citron

Nursery School Musical
Fence Post Productions
Book and Lyrics by Racheal and Brett McCaig
Music by Anthony Bastionon
Directed by Racheal McCaig
Photo Credit: Racheal McCaig
Starring Kylee Evans, Diana Coatsworth, Lindsey Frazier, Cailin Stadnyk, Paul Constable , Aaron Walpole and Brett McCaig
At Berkeley Theatre Upstairs until Oct. 3


You have just this weekend to catch Nursery School Musical. The show, the top hit at the 2008 Fringe Festival, is a collection of musical numbers and sketch comedy about parents and their children, off-set by the thirtysomething teacher who calls herself a single modern woman.

The musical is a politically incorrect satire. En route we meet stereotypical parents – the yuppies who push their daughter to extremes, the green-eco-soy-loving single mom activist, and the trailer park trash couple where the mother is an exotic dancer. The children, it turns out, are smarter than their parents.

The upbeat show does sail into darker waters with numbers like “Nannies for Nothing” which describes the traits of various ethnic child care workers. Also enjoyable are the Stroller Boys skits which includes some punchy dialogue on life and zeitgeist.

It’s “a what’s not to like kind of show” with an excellent cast.

Nursery School Musical continues at Berkeley Theatre Upstairs until Oct. 3.

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