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National Ballet of Canada – James Kudelka's The Nutcracker

National Ballet of Canada – James Kudelka's The Nutcracker featured image

reviewed by Paula Citron

The Nutcracker
National Ballet of Canada
Choreographed by James Kudelka
Starring Zdenek Konvalina, Megan Storm Hill, Sebastian Lecomte, Victoria Bertram, Robert Stephen, Xiao Nan Yu, Noah Long, Aarik Wells, Bridgett Zehr and Chelsy Meiss
At the Four Seasons Centre


The performance of the National Ballet’s The Nutcracker that I saw featured many dancers new to me in the roles.

Zdenek Konvalina as Peter continues to impress with his flawless technique, while Bridgett Zehr as the Sugar Plum Fairy was all filigreed delicacy. Robert Stephen, making his debut as Uncle Nikolai, represents the short and fast category of male dancer which every ballet company needs. He is a whirling dervish. New corps member Chelsy Meiss, debuting as the Bee, is getting a big push, and she certainly can move her body like a perpetual motion machine. Megan Storm Hill and Sebastian Lecomte were adorable as the children Marie and Misha.

At this point, I must have seen James Kudelka’s stupendous The Nutcracker over 20 times, and I’m still finding something new. I never noticed before that when the young boys are dancing in the barn, the young girls, off to the side, are jumping from the loft onto a pile of furs.

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