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Shut Up and Show Us Your Tweets

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reviewed by Paula Citron

Shut Up and Show Us Your Tweets
Second City
Written by the ensemble (with Darryl Hinds)
Directed by Sandy Jobin-Bevans
Starring Rob Baker, Dale Boyer, Adam Cawley, Caitlin Howden, and Reid Janisse
At Second City until Jan. 31


On the adage of better late than never, I caught up with Second City’s Shut Up and Show Us Your Tweets, and was delighted to find that this edition has more political punch.

While recent shows have certainly taken the Mickey out of popular and social culture, Tweets goes for the political jugular. A series of choral speaking performances depict Harper as pure evil, McGinty as duplicitous and Miller as a sap.

A high level conference on the Middle East is just savage in its satire. Alberta also comes in for a fair share of hits to warm the heart of any Easterner. Nothing is sacred in this show, particularly a segment called “White Guys Doing Stereotypes”, so you can just imagine the hilarious characters that emerge.

Try and catch this edition before it leaves at the end of the month if you love comedy on the raw side.

Shut Up and Show Us Your Tweets continues at Second City until Jan. 31.

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