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Theatre Jones Roy – Macbeth Reflected

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reviewed by Paula Citron

Macbeth Reflected
Theatre Jones Roy
Adapted from Shakespeare and directed by Thomas Morgan Jones
Starring Mary Ashton and John Ng
At the Lower Ossington Theatre until Jan. 24


Theatre Jones Roy’s two-hander Macbeth Reflected has ravishing production values built around a fascinating idea.

Just 45 minutes long, the play has a very inventive approach to the private life of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, concentrating to their over-vaulting ambition, ending just as their lives turn sour. Thomas Morgan Jones’ adaptation explores the personal relationship of this famous couple by playing with Shakespeare’s text, cleverly putting their own words and the words of others in their lips.

If you hear a “but” coming, here it is. While Jones has gone for a colloquial treatment of Shakespeare’s spoken text, you still have to hear every word. Mary Ashton’s Lady Macbeth is tolerable because she understands the irony of delivery. John Ng is miscast as Macbeth. He’s not up to the drama or the text.

Kelly Wolf’s set of mirrors is marvellous as is Thomas Ryder’s sound design and David DeGrow’s lighting.

Macbeth Reflected continues at the Lower Ossington Theatre until Jan. 24.

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