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Aluna Theatre – Beatriz Pizano’s La Comunión

Aluna Theatre – Beatriz Pizano’s La Comunión featured image

reviewed by Paula Citron


La Comunión
Aluna Theatre
Written and directed by Beatriz Pizano
Starring Zarrin Darnell-Martin, Micheline Calvert, Carlos Conzalez-Vio, Rosa Laborde, Sam Malkin, Natalia Narnjo, Marilo Nuñez and Michelle Polak
At Buddies in Bad Times Theatre until Jan. 31


Colombian-born Beatriz Pizano is one of Canada’s important Latin-Canadian writer/directors. Her play La Comunión is the third part of a trilogy about the endless civil war in her native land. This time her subject is child soldiers.

La Comunión is compelling theatre. It is a play of ideas where no side of the war comes out well. Perhaps the most startling fact is that the protagonist Pantera was not kidnapped. She was given to the communist FARC rebels when she was 11 by her grandmother as a better alternative to the horrors of her village life.

Talented Zarrin Darnell-Martin as Pantera leads a strong cast, with the outstanding Micheline Calvert as the grandmother. The production values are first rate.

Pizano researched her play with actual child soldiers and her dialogue rings true. Some may find her prose preachy, but no one can fail to be moved by her message.

La Comunión continues at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre until Jan. 31.

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